Frequently Asked Questions

How does our loan program work?

Makes short-term small business loans for a term of 9-12 months. Approvals are based primarily on the business revenue and not the owner’s personal credit score. All we need to start is a 1-page application and the most recent 12 months of business bank statements. I Will Lend You Money does not require tax returns, financial statements, credit card receipts, business plans, or detailed lists of assets.

How and when is the repayment of the loan made?

I Will lend you Money loans are repaid through small, daily automatic payments (excluding weekends and holidays) from the borrower’s business checking account. Since our borrowers typically generate income on a daily basis, I Will Lend You Money’s daily repayment program enables businesses to manage their cash more easily than if they were on a monthly payment schedule.

Will you check my personal credit and does it affect my loan?

Each applicant’s cash flow, payment history and financial strengths are considered to determine a risk-adjusted repayment plan specific to that applicant. Payments are determined by factors such as the amount and consistency of the business’s cash flow, the number of years the business has been in operation, the assets owned by the business, and the proposed use of funds.

Will you check my personal finances and do you have to?

When it comes to personal finances, we usually only review the business owner’s personal credit history and not their credit score.

Why us?

Have you gone to the bank and got turned down on numerous occasions? I Will Lend You Money and its partners are private investors, not Banks. We are what you would call a Lending Network. Our partners and groups of affiliates lend money based on different criteria, each of which have their own set of rules. All you need to do is submit an application and then we match you with an investor. Give us a try today and you will see the difference we can make with your current financial situation.